Stop capital leakage and make your innovation efforts work.

Meet the Next Lab, your all-in-one platform to manage and scale innovation in your organization.

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Sustainable Packaging

Opportunity Budget
$15,000 spent
Assumptions vs Knowledge
4 items
Certainty Grid

Next Cycle Stage
  • Formulate Done
  • Incubate Validation Loop
  • Accelerate Pending
  • Operate Pending
  • Grow Pending
Stop wasting time on failed innovation attempts.
Streamline your innovation processes.
Unlock your company’s potential to create whats next.

How you can use Next Lab:


Manage your innovation portfolios.

Minimize capital loss by understanding what works and what doesn’t. Learn from your investments and receive guidance for effective innovation management.
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Keep track of your innovation projects.

Track projects from the conception of ideas to execution, ensuring traceability and accountability while assessing their impact.

Facilitate creative workshops.

Promote collaborative creative thinking, strategic decision-making, and actionable plans, while embracing the agility of rapid problem-solving for quicker idea validation.

Manage, supervise, control, plan and execute innovation in your organization. - all in one place

A set of features to help you accomplish more.


Think Wrong Drill Library

Explore over 160+ dynamic 'Think Wrong' drills & built-in templates designed to catalyze innovation and help you achieve desired outcomes based on specific objectives or project stages.

Creative Sessions & Sprints

Design, run, and share world-class innovation sessions with lasting impact real-time with team and clients. Our multilingual interface offers seamless Miro integration and provides printable posters, catering to in-person, virtual, or hybrid sessions.


Innovation Projects & Opportunities

Track the progress of your innovation projects and identify opportunity horizons. Manage assumptions, resources, and learnings.

Bonus Features

Community Access, Template Creation, Feedback Button, Learning Resources, Help Articles, and much more.

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Who can benefit from the Next Lab?


Gain insight and effectively oversee innovation projects through different portfolios, manage teams and funding while you ensure strategic alignment. Invest in what works and learn from what doesn’t.


Ensure a disciplined approach to manage innovation. Plan and keep track of the progress of your innovation initiatives and projects to help you make better and more informed decisions.


Generate unconventional solutions that challenge the status quo using our Think Wrong Problem-Solving methodology & implement world class innovation in your projects.

Converge diverse perspectives, push boundaries, and create game-changing solutions with Think Wrong.